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Evelí Ray


Evelí Ray is a singer-songwriter and composer. Her music stems from self-searching, connecting with people from different cultures and many places she has visited on her path. From the mystery of Nordic sounds till the warmth of Mediterranean influences, she seeks to embrace unity in diversity.

"Butterflies", Evelí's debut album, is then a sound kaleidoscope of various landscapes and sensations. The six original pieces in English, three in Spanish and one in Polish (also English version), combine electronic music and acoustic one, especially the native instruments such as ney, oud, duduk, quenacho, bombo legüero and others. She describes the effect herself as an alternative fusion of art pop and world music.



The title of the album refers to the power of the human soul. Through mindful lyrics and atmospheric melodies, Evelí' sheds light on our ability to transform, to look at ourselves with wonder and thus to create a new humanity—more balanced and in tune with nature, our home. Her first single “Like Wolves” was inspired by the book of Clarissa Pinkola Estés “Women Running With The Wolves” and talks about regaining our feminine power through acceptance of the wilderness within. 

Evelí's music makes us travel to the times when we were sitting to listen to an entire album, as we were doing with vinyls that are coming back right now. It's a nod towards these people who yearn to enjoy real instruments and music that generates consciousness.




Watch “Like Wolves” (Official Video)

“Butterflies” Album Presentation Video


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